3 returning TV shows I am excited for

Stargate Universe, Syfy Tuesday, premieres September 28th, at 8pm central

Universe had a decent first season, setting up the characters and trying to find its footing in season one as all shows tend to do. Universe is certainly a bit more of a darker show than the previous two Stargate shows, SG-1 & Atlantis, much more conflict between the characters. I would say that so far is the biggest change from the previous two entries in the franchise. I do not mean to imply it is a bad thing, it certainly is not, just a bit of a change from what has come before. The first season ended with a cliffhanger so will be interesting to see how that is resolved.

Below is a trailer for season 2.

Big Bang Theory, CBS, premieres Thursday, September 23rd at 7pm central

This is a comedy that really broke out into a huge hit this last season. The show is very well written and has great actors in it that bring the comedy to life so well. It was great to see Jim Parsons win best actor in a comedy at the Emmy’s this year, since he does an excellent job as Sheldon on the show. With four of the five main characters being geeks/scientists there is so much potential for comedy in their interacting and interacting with non geeks/scientists that it has found the characters in some highly amusing and some times outlandish scenarios.

The video below from a TV Guide shoot just shows the great interaction between the three big characters on the show.

Fringe, FOX Thursdays, premieres September 23rd, 8pm central

I did not watch the first season of Fringe, but started watching during second season and then soon after got caught up on season 1 on DVD. The show is a great mixture of scifi/fantasy, a bit of horror, and procedural shows. Besides some of the procedural parts in most episodes in the case of the week, I love that the show has an over arching mythology. I do enjoy a show that mixes in an ongoing story/mythology, always have loved those types of shows. Fringe has quickly become one of my favorite shows since I started watching it last September.

The trailer below gives a brief glimpse into season 3.

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