TWIT: The growth of a new business

I have listened to the This Week in Tech podcast since it’s inception and is a great show. It covers the weekly news in the technology world and gives you a range of opinions from a rotating group of guests.

The article is an interesting look inside the TWIT network and on the growing industry of podcasting if done right.  The two shows I listen to/watch is as mentioned This Week in Tech and Macbreak Weekly, as the name implies focused on Apple and it is products.  As the article mentions core group of people who started out as commentators on TWIT where from the Tech TV network and the show The Screen Savers.  Which is what attracted me to give the new show a chance, since I had enjoyed The Screen Savers so much.  Overall, it has been great to see Leo Laporte’s and his TWIT’s network success grow over the years.

Balancing on a giant rubber ball in a broadcast studio and control room carved out of a cottage in Petaluma, Calif., Leo Laporte is an unlikely media mogul.

From that little town in California wine country, he runs his empire, a podcasting network, TWIT. For 30 hours each week, he and the other hosts on his network talk about technology — topics like the best e-book reader or how to get rid of a computer virus — for shows that he gives away online.

Nerdy, yes. Silly, no. TWIT gets its name from Mr. Laporte’s flagship podcast, “This Week in Tech,” which is downloaded by a quarter of a million people each week. He produces 22 other technology-focused podcasts that are downloaded five million times a month.

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