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Adam’s Op Ed: Toystory 3, and men who cry.

Man cries at Toystory 3, and doesn’t think that’s wierd.

First of all, it’s obvious that you’re trying to prove to someone specific that it’s okay for men to cry… otherwise you wouldn’t feel the need to make a public post about it… Second, your (essentially) entire point of relating to the toys having to give Andy up (he’s growing up), and that relates to you being a dad, is flawed. Yes, it’s literally what’s happening and the overall plot of the movie… But that was covered within the first 30 seconds of the film. Why wait until the end credits to start weeping? Why not the whole length of the movie? No, the real reason I believe you’re upset is exactly what your daughter said to you.

“It’s sad because Andy had to give up his toys, right?”

Yep. That feeling of having to give up something that you love is a HUGE emotional moment of the film, and guess what? It happens like 2 minutes before the end credits roll. So, pair that with a great musical score, dramatic lighting and (sometimes) a cool pair of 3D glasses, and you’re balling your eyes out. Oh, and by the way, your friends ARE making fun of you because it IS kind of girlie for a man to cry at a movie theater.

That’s just the way I see it.

Xbox 360 Slim

So Xbox just revealed the new Slim edition, which is small enough to fit inside of the original 360 model (if you hollowed it out). It’s selling points are smaller, better looking, bigger hard drive, quieter, and built-in wireless connectivity. But even with those those new attributes, the bang for the buck is nowhere to be seen.

Today we’ll start with looks and work our way down to personality. The new size is smaller yes, but it’s really just a marginal change. It’s not like they made it comparable to the Wii — That would be something all in it’s self. The color, well, I have the Halo 3 edition 360, and I’m kind of fond of the unique casing. Assuming the slim version will be able to accept new Slim Face Plates it’s kind of eliminating the need for a sexy looking console in the first place.

As for the heart and soul of the beast, I’ll come right out and say it – Thank you for making wireless built-in. That’s the ONLY reason I can see anyone possibly wanting to make the upgrade, with a legitimate excuse. I ended up running an ethernet cord through my basement, so I already have it set up… But if this was an option at the beginning for an additional cost, I would have picked wireless. Screw buying an adapter for $50.

The slim has the Gia-Hugic hard drive, which is nice — but if hard drive space was really a problem for you, you’ve probably already upgraded to the Elite from the original in which case making a third upgrade for such a minor change is pretty impractical.

The noise level of the original 360 console is a completely different matter. I have friends who notice theirs, and say that it’s a bother… But honostly, I don’t have a problem with the sound of mine. I only notice it when there’s downtime in everything else that’s happening (maybe I keep my TV volume up too high), and even then, it’s not obnoxious.

So overall, The Slim 360 may look cool, and it sports the ‘newest tech’ but essentially the only reason you should buy it, is if you haven’t ever upgraded yet (and avoided the red ring of death) or if you’ve never owned a 360 before. Which, if you ask me, is NOT who their adds are marketing it towards.

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