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The hype of Stephen Strasburg

Strasburg #nats (Getty pic) on Twitpic
Via MLB twitpic

Washington Nationals pitcher Stephen Strasburg had his third major league start tonight and again showed us that so far he has had no big problems it seems in adjusting to the big leagues.  I got to thinking about Strasburg after seeing a friend pass along this tweet below, with info on this record Strasburg broke tonight.

Strasburg 7 Ks thru 4 IP. Just matched JR Richard (1971) for most K’s (29) in 1st 3 #MLB starts since 1952. Unbelievable. #nats

via MLB (MLB) on Twitter.

By the end of the night Strasburg had 32 strikeouts for the season and ten strikeouts total for the night.  In his three starts so far has gone 7 innings (IP) twice and 5.1 IP the other time.  Add to that 32 K’s and a 2.19 ERA and I would say that is a pretty good beginning to your career.

Granted his first two starts where against Pittsburgh and Cleveland neither which are having great years, but he went up against the White Sox’s tonight who are a bit better than Cle & Pit. Given the caveat just written,  so far at least it certainly seems like Strasburg is living up to all of the hype that has surrounded him even before he was drafted in 2009.  It certainly will be fun to see how well he does the rest of the year and if the rest of the leagues catches up to at all or if he just keeps cruising along.

If you want to read more about Strasburg third start here is the game report from

Twins opening day

I have been meaning to write this post for a few days now, just never got around to it. I am quite excited for the twins opening day tomorrow since it will be the first regular season game in their new stadium. The best part of is that I get to go to the game in person after all. Last Tuesday night when I was watching the Twins game, they said on the broadcast that the Twins had put a limited number of tickets on sale for the home opener since the red sox’s and I think some other groups had returned tickets.

It will be great to be able to go the first regular season game in the stadium, since I was also able to go to the first ever regular season game for the Minnesota Wild and their new arena.  I will try to post my thoughts on the new stadium some time this coming week after the game tomorrow. Will certainly be interesting to see since have heard a lot of good things about the stadium.