Christopher Nolan to have another hit with Inception?

Everything I have seen about Inception it seems like a movie that I would quite enjoy.  Sure it is a blockbuster aspect in terms of the action that can be seen in the trailer but, what I  have read about in news items, reviews and interviews it seems to be an  intelligent movie or something that is not straight action, but that is not surprising given it is a film by Christopher Nolan.  Since Nolan is known for making movies that have some level of thought and intelligence behind them.  While this article  over at about Nolan & Inception is nearly two weeks old it still gives a good look at the director and the movie.  The article also gives an interesting look into the marketing campaign that the studio is doing for the movie, like this quote below.

Yet for all the fanfare that will accompany Mr. Nolan’s new film, “Inception,” when Warner Brothers releases it on July 16, most of its intended viewers will know almost nothing about it. At Mr. Nolan’s preference, trailers for “Inception” have shown little more than snippets of its star, Leonardo DiCaprio, and a nattily attired supporting cast in slow-motion action sequences….With these few bread crumbs Mr. Nolan and his studio are confident that their opaque and costly film will lure large crowds. They are betting that moviegoers have come to regard Mr. Nolan as a director who combines intimate emotions with outsize imagination and seemingly limitless resources — a blockbuster auteur who has made bigness his medium.

via Film – Christopher Nolan, the Man Behind the Dreamscape –

To a certain degree I believe that campaign but that is because not solely because they have done great marketing but that Nolan has proven himself to me over the course of his last several movies.  For me it is the reputation that allows me to trust Nolan and what he is trying to show me.  True to a certain degree you need to have good marketing, since even if you have a great idea or product if you can market it at least some what well hard for you to get people interested in it.  Guess you could say that is similar for a Spielberg or James Cameron movie too.

Another aspect to Nolan’s strategy of trying not to reveal too much is to leave some surprise in the movie or not to let you know exactly what the movie is completely.  The also posted the straight Q&A from the Nolan interview, and this question and answer plays that out.  To see the quote, click below.

A final reason that the movie intrigues is the notions of dreams, and being able to enter people’s dreams and plant ideas or steal information from people.  I have not seen really many movies which have tackled that area.

Here is the trailer for the film if you have not seen it.

Q. I’m sure you’re aware – and I’m as guilty of this as anyone – that there is a culture of moviegoers that wants to know the whole movie before they sit down to see it.

A. I understand that. I’m of that mindset myself. What I’ve realized over the years is, I want to know the movie, and then as soon as I know it, I wished I didn’t. I was interning at a film company years ago, and I read the script for “Pulp Fiction” before I saw the movie, and I always regretted it. I’m a huge “Reservoir Dogs” fan, I was really excited to see [Quentin Tarantino’s] next film. Reading the script wasn’t the same as seeing the film. And then seeing the film, having read the script, wasn’t the same as seeing the film.

It’s like you want to open your presents before Christmas, and then if you do, you regret it. We try to hide the presents up in the top of the closet where people can’t get at it. [laughs] But it’s an unusual movie, and so it’s a lot harder to just put out a two-and-a-half minute trailer and everyone goes, “Oh, yeah, I know what that is.” An original concept – a world the audience hasn’t entered into before – for me as a filmgoer, that’s the most exciting thing. What I responded to with “Avatar,” for example, was just not really knowing what it until I sat down to watch it in the movie theater. I really enjoyed it.

via A Man and His Dream: Christopher Nolan and ‘Inception’ – ArtsBeat Blog –

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