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A short article, but a nice piece on the outcome of the whole saga with Conan. Like Conan says in the quote below, he has actually come out pretty well post NBC, with his tour and his new show coming this fall.

But that wasn’t that. Conan’s crash was prolonged and arduous, but his rebirth was immediate and effortless. And therein lay the (sorry) triumph. Within a month, O’Brien went from Biggest Loser to the world’s most celebrated comedy folk hero. “Three months ago, what would’ve looked to everybody like bad luck has become amazingly good luck,” O’Brien told an adoring assemblage at Google.

via Scott Brown on Conan O’Brien’s Kamikaze Comedy Debacle | Magazine.

Ever since I think elementary school I have always enjoyed “Weird Al” so hopefully it will work out so that the film comes to pass.  Even though I have not seen the cult classic UHF from the 80’s, which I should.  “Weird Al” Yankovic May Deliver Another Feature Film | /Film.

Syfy round up: Why we’re glad Warehouse 13 is Syfy’s biggest hit. While it has spoilers to the season premiere from Tuesday, does a good job of explaining what makes the show enjoyable.

Advance Review: EUREKA season 4, episode 1 “Founder’s Day” | SERIES.NU.  A good review of the the Eureka season premiere this Friday, with very few spoilers.

Emmys 2010: ‘Glee, ‘Mad Men’ lead the nominations | EW.com.  Great to see Jim Parsons aka Sheldon from Big Bang Theory get another nod, does great work on the show, just a shame the show itself did not get a best comedy nod.

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