Rubicon/Game of Thrones

Rubicon Poster
Rubicon Poster

I talked about the AMC series Rubicon in a post last week, and this last Sunday AMC did a sneak peak of hour one of the two hour pilot that will premiere August 1st.  For just seeing the first hour of it, I certainly think the show has promise, and has a certain level of intrigue that I believe I will quite enjoy about the show.  Like Roddenberry said in the quote in the post yesterday about having respect for the audience, I think Rubicon does have that and does not dumb itself down and just lets the viewers try to figures things out as well.  Like mentioned before, enjoy shows based on politics and conspiracy type stories and it looks like Rubicon will have plenty of that in it.  Here is a link to the first hour of the pilot if interested, which I would recommend watching.


The first teaser trailer is out for the HBO show Game of Thrones based on the book series of the same name.  Looks a bit intriguing the small glimpse we get, and interested to see more.

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