iPhone 4 pre-orders go crazy.

by Matt Pollari on June 16, 2010

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Like Engadet says below, I am also a bit surprised that Apple & AT&T sold out of iPhone 4 pre-orders.  Granted I was one of the people making a pre-order so I helped in a tiny degree to it.  For me it makes sense to get the new phone when I can sell my current 3GS model to cover most of the cost of the new one.  The one thing that the pre-order sell out tells me at least is that the interest for the iPhone has no real sign of letting up and that there is still a huge amount of interest, which is not a surprise thing really but more the magnitude of how many pre-orders there where for the phone.

We were amazed last night to see both Apple and AT&T sell out of iPhone 4 pre-order units despite the sustained ordering issues, and now we know why: Apple managed to move 600,000 iPhones in just a single day. Yes, that says’s a lot — Apple says it’s the largest number of pre-orders it’s ever taken in one day, and AT&T says it’s ten times as many orders as it took for the iPhone 3GS. It’s not all sunshine and roses, though; Apple’s also apologizing to the large numbers of people who simply couldn’t get through yesterday.

via 600,000 iPhone 4s pre-ordered, Apple apologizes for issues — Engadget.

Also the increase in the new iPhone 4 is not just in the US, noted in this article over at Mac Rumors that the German carrier also had a ten fold increase in internet traffic compared to last year for 3GS.

Another quick Apple note is that I am quite happy to see that Apple has announced an update to the Mac Mini line.  While a shame they have raised the price $100 on the lower model, the Mac Mini that I got in 2007 has worked out very well for me and it is a great machine.  Nice that they finally added in HDMI to it, but not a huge need for me if I was to consider upgrading my Mac Mini.  For more details check out this post at Macrumors.com Apple Updates Mac Mini with New Design, Faster Graphics

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