Now we know who to blame for the vuvuzela

I admit that I am not a real big soccer fan, but when I did watch the World Cup this year, the one thing you notice is the incessant buzzing.  Which if you watched any of the games knew that it came from a noise maker called the vuvuzela.  For those who are lucky enough to not have heard it, on the TV broadcasts a large amount of them basically sound like a large group of bees or like I said before an incessant buzzing.  Like it is mentioned in the article it is a part of South African culture, I can except that and came to at least tolerate it during later games.  I just hope they don’t make the jump across the ocean to the United States. Here is a quote below from the inventor of the vuvuzela’s and click the link if you want to read more from the creator.

I invented the vuvuzela 35 years ago but, of course, it’s only since the start of the World Cup that it has become quite so well known globally. Whatever people may say about the sound it makes, it has never been so popular. That makes me proud; I see so many visitors taking vuvuzelas home with them, to Europe, South America and beyond.

via Experience: I invented the vuvuzela | Life and style | The Guardian.

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