Short Review: The intriguing “Inception”

I have been meaning to do this review ever since I saw Inception on opening weekend, while it is a bit late here is my review finally.

I did a post earlier this month wonder if Inception would be a hit & it certainly seems like it is.  I went to see the movie Inception on opening weekend, like many other people did it seems by how much it made at the box office.  Inception made $62.8 million over the opening weekend, which is pretty good opening for a non franchise film. For the second weekend it made  $42.7 million.  I will try to keep this short review relatively spoiler free for people who have not seen the movie yet.

Inception is a nice mixture of action set pieces and interesting questions and ideas about dreams and what if  questions on dreams.  For me how the movie handled the dreams and stealing information/ideas and planting them very well, in a way that made me understand it and not real difficult to follow.  I had heard from news items about the movie that it might be a bit difficult to follow or understand in parts, but for me it really was not too hard in the end, and I understood what I needed to get the important points from the film.

Being that most of the movie takes part in some dream or another, director Christopher Nolan was able to create a few great action set pieces to satisfy the adrenaline in people.  The one I enjoyed the most was the fight sequence with in a dream maybe a bit past mid way through the movie. What the dream allowed them to do is to create the conditions for a fight sequence that you normally don’t see nor was it a traditional fight and pull it off well.  The characters in the movie are not all greatly drawn out, but this movie is not really about the characters to me more about the ideas that are presented in it, topped off with the bits of action that are strewn throughout the movie.

I would certainly recommend going to see the movie it was highly enjoyable and gives you a little something to think about.

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