Summer TV part 2

Here is part two of my summer TV wrap up-as promised.

Royal Pains season 2 on now, Thursdays, at 10/9 central.

The basic premise of the show is a doctor, Hank, who after he is fired from his hospital job becomes a concierge doctor to the people of the posh Hamptons. Like Burn Notice, it has a mix of on-going story lines and in this case the patient of the week or the medical problem of the week. The characters in the show work well together. Hank, his brother who helps run Hank Med as it is called, and the people surrounding them. Like Burn Notice again, Royal Pains is a good casual show that gives you some interesting story lines and good banter between the characters for an enjoyable hour of TV.

Covert Affairs series premiere on Tuesday, July 13th at 10/9 central.

With it being a new show, it is hard to say yet exactly if the show will be good or not, but from the previews it looks promising. The basic premise of the show is that actress Piper Perabo plays a rookie CIA agent Annie Walker with all the intrigue and problems surrounding that. I have always enjoyed Perabo ever since I first saw her in the movie Coyote Ugly, so will be looking forward to seeing how good the show is. I will certainly give the show several episodes at least.


Mad Men season 4 premieres Sunday, July 25th, 10/9 central.

Mad Men is a show based around an advertising agency in the early to mid 1960’s and the stories surrounding that. Compared to the other shows I have recommended Mad Men is a much more serious drama that tends to tackle tough issues through its lens of the 1960’s. Mad Men does a great job of showing you what the 60’s were like for some one who like me was not even born yet and this is one way to see what it was like back then. A great reason to watch Mad Men is Don Draper who is expertly played by Jon Hamm, who does a great job at being the back bone of the show. One of the reasons I like Mad Men is that the writers are willing to let the story build up and willing to have some slower episodes before the always interesting last few episodes of the season. The show also excels at having the ability to really surprise you at certain points or is able to provide a shocking moment once and awhile.

Rubicon Poster

Rubicon series premiere Sunday, August 1st at 8/7 central.

I have had two posts on the show before, here and here, and after seeing the one hour preview of the pilot they aired, which can be seen at the website, it looks promising. Like Mad Men, Rubicon seems like it will be a much more serious drama or not as light hearted as the other shows I have talked about above. It has potential to make you think with the intrigue and conspiracy’s it seems to offer. Will be interesting to see if it can keep that promise over the season from what small amount I have seen so far.

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