Summer TV part 1

Since the regular TV season has ended here are a few good shows that are already on this summer or will be premiering later this summer.

On Syfy

Eureka season 4 premiering Friday July 9th, 9/8 central

A show that revolves around a secret northwest US town that is a government funded think tank basically that researches very advanced technology. It is a great, light hearted show, with a mix of humor, a bit of science, and good drama some times. Certainly not extraordinary on story lines but it is a show that is a fun escapist show once a week. They do a good balance between some on-going story lines and problems of the week. The show has good characters, with some amusing ensemble characters that make up the cast.

Warehouse 13 season 2 premiering Tuesday July 6th, 9/8 central

A show that is based on a secret government warehouse, where the government agents are tasked with collecting powerful and sometimes magical objects and keeping them out of harms way in Warehouse 13. A tad more serialized than Eureka, but still a good “problem of the week” and on-going story line. A smaller group of characters than Eureka, but the characters work on here and have a good fit. Part of the show I like since I am a history nerd, is that the objects they are to track down often come with history or have a tie to certain things in history. I have always enjoyed Saul Rubinek as a character actor, so nice to have him as a regular.

Both Eureka and Warehouse 13, have last season recaps on the official sites linked to above if want to get caught up before new season.

On USA network

Burn Notice season 4 on now Thursdays at 9/8 central

The show is based around Michael Westin played masterfully by Jeffrey Donovan. Westin is a burned CIA spy who is trying to unravel how he got burned and the weekly story is of helping out people in bad situations. The is a show built around great characters and a bit of style and flare for the dramatic. Donavon along with the great characters played by Bruce Campbell and Gabrielle Anwar, make up the stars of the show and have good chemistry and banter between the three of them. It is always fun each week to see the inventive ways that the three of them solve the weekly problems or situations they are in. For me I think sometimes it is more the characters I enjoy then the story lines.

(my thoughts on these to come in part 2)

Royal Pains season 2 on now Thursdays, at 10/9 central

Covert Affairs series premiere on Tuesday, July 13th at 10/9 central


Mad Men season 4 premieres Sunday, July 25th, 10/9 central

Rubicon series premiere Sunday, August 1st at 8/7 central

One thought on “Summer TV part 1”

  1. Burn notice is the only one of these I’ve watched. I gave it a shot for Bruce Campbell’s sake, and eventually Michael Westin grew on me. Still not one that I pursue, but I watched it when I flipped by it (which is never now that I have no broadcast TV at all).

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