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Why I am disappointed Argo won Best Picture

Argo Oscars

I was not surprised last night that Argo won the Best Picture Oscar, just disappointed because I did not think it was the best movie of five of the nine nominees that I had seen.  The five I have seen are Lincoln, Argo, Zero Dark Thirty, Django Unchained and Silver Linings Playbook. For me I would have been happy if Lincoln or Zero Dark Thirty had won Best Picture from the five I had seen.

I am not saying that Argo is a bad movie, but like I said not the best of the nominees. In my opinion the problem with Argo was that I did not feel much tension at the end of the movie, in the final road block that the characters were facing.  Given the movie is based on a true story and has at least some basis in fact, we already knew the outcome of the movie before going into it.  In the case of Argo, the movie did not give me enough story or gripping characters to make me forget that I already knew the ending to this movie given its ground in real life. Overall it is a good movie and worth seeing once, but it is not one that I am going to go out and purchase for my movie collection.

Lincoln PosterIn contrast to Argo both Lincoln and Zero Dark Thirty, while based on real life events like Argo, gave me enough in terms of story and character development/investigation. For Lincoln, the movie gave me a great character study of one our great presidents, Abraham Lincoln, to help set off the fact that you already knew that he died and that the amendment would pass. Daniel Day Lewis performed amazingly as Lincoln and made you feel like you were getting a real glimpse at what Lincoln was like. Steven Spielberg and the entire production did a great job at pulling you into the past with how faithfully they created the world of the 1860’s Civil War era.

For Zero Dark Thirty given that it is a military story enough details have been shrouded in secrecy that it is great for the movie to lift the veil on what happened in the search for Osama Bin Laden. The movie also gave us a great performance by Jessica Chastain and her character of Maya showing the very determined CIA officer who relentlessly tracked down Bin Laden and did not give up.


In the end we are still left with two great films in Lincoln and Zero Dark Thirty and just because they did not win the Oscar for Best Picture does not take away from the fact that they are great films.

Affleck robs “The Town”

The new Ben Affleck stared and directed movie “The Town” coming out September 17th is able to be simplified down to one line, however from the trailer it does not seem like a simple movie.

Affleck stars as a career thief who falls in love with the manager of a bank he robbed.

via Movie Trailer: Ben Affleck’s The Town | /Film.

From what I can tell from the trailer, the movie certainly looks very promising.  It looks like it has the potential to be a good thriller and a good heist movie.  From what I can tell from the trailer Affleck’s character will have some nice conflict from trying to break away from a destructive/criminal lifestyle and how hard that is.  I also love Jon Hamm who plays the main FBI agent that we see in the trailer.  Hamm does amazing work in the TV show Mad Men, so glad to see him in what could be a great movie.

From what I have seen in the trailer, a movie that I will keep an eye on and will likely go see in September when it comes out.

To see the full description for the movie see full post.  Here is the trailer, and if you want to see it in HD click over to youtube or at apple.com

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