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Affleck robs “The Town”

The new Ben Affleck stared and directed movie “The Town” coming out September 17th is able to be simplified down to one line, however from the trailer it does not seem like a simple movie.

Affleck stars as a career thief who falls in love with the manager of a bank he robbed.

via Movie Trailer: Ben Affleck’s The Town | /Film.

From what I can tell from the trailer, the movie certainly looks very promising.  It looks like it has the potential to be a good thriller and a good heist movie.  From what I can tell from the trailer Affleck’s character will have some nice conflict from trying to break away from a destructive/criminal lifestyle and how hard that is.  I also love Jon Hamm who plays the main FBI agent that we see in the trailer.  Hamm does amazing work in the TV show Mad Men, so glad to see him in what could be a great movie.

From what I have seen in the trailer, a movie that I will keep an eye on and will likely go see in September when it comes out.

To see the full description for the movie see full post.  Here is the trailer, and if you want to see it in HD click over to youtube or at apple.com

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