The mythical Verizon iPhone 4 finally coming it appears.

The iPhone for Verizon has been a long time coming.  There were news articles back in 2007 a few short months after the phones’ launch, in how it would soon be headed for Verizon.  Unless something drastic happens, it certainly appears that Verizon plans to announce this coming Tuesday that it will get its own version of the iPhone 4.

The two things that I certainly will be curious to hear about is  how many people will either switch from AT&T if they already have an iPhone and how many new iPhone users there will be who have not wanted to sign up for it with AT&T. On those two topics, a few quotes from Wall Street Journal article on that.

Toni Sacconaghi, an analyst at Sanford Bernstein, has estimated that Verizon could add more than 10 million U.S. iPhone customers.

“It’s great news,” said Michael Benkoski, 55 years old, who works at a technology leasing company in Chicago. “I’ve been waiting for it for about two years.”

Analysts fear AT&T could see one to three million fewer new subscribers because of the Verizon iPhone.

The final link I will end with is this good piece from Daring Fireball:  Why Next Week’s Event Is Hosted by Verizon, Not Apple.

Via: Verizon Finally Lands the iPhone – and Verizon iPhone 4 on CDMA Network Set to Be Announced –

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