Thor to be first big hit of summer?

Last night I had gotten tickets to a preview screening of the movie Thor from the site Gofobo and in the past when I have done preview screenings normally got to the theater 45-30 minutes in advance and while I was not the first in line, I did get in.  Last night I ended up not getting in with being there about 35 minutes in advance, the people running the screening said that theater was full an hour before the screening, and they had not seen a screen fill up that fast before really. It gives some small indication that  people are quite excited for Thor, we will know for sure when it comes out next weekend and see how it does at the box office.  The people running the screening took our screener tickets and said we would be invited another one they where having next week before it came out, so if do end up getting tickets for that certainly will be going earlier this time to it.

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