Toy Story 3 & Pixar

I figured posting this Wired article about Toy Story 3 was appropriate given that today Toy Story 3 comes out in movie theaters.  I everything thing I have heard sounds like Toy Story 3 is another great Pixar movie.  It is amazing how successful pixar is and how much influence they have had on animated movies.  I say that because Toy Story being the first computer generated feature film if I recall correctly.  I have not watched it recently but the last time I did, it had held up over the years since it’s release in 1995.  Now it is 15 years later and movies like that are old hat and computer generated movies are getting even more complex like Avatar and the upcoming Tin Tin movies.  So it will be great to see the new Toy Story movie some time this weekend or maybe next week some time.

Pixar’s secret? Its unusual creative process. Most of the time, a studio assembles a cast of freelance professionals to work on a single project and cuts them loose when the picture is done. At Pixar, a staff of writers, directors, animators, and technicians move from project to project. As a result, the studio has built a team of moviemakers who know and trust one another in ways unimaginable on most sets.

via Animating a Blockbuster: How Pixar Built Toy Story 3 | Magazine |

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