A Jet-powered School Bus.

Stories like these make me really wonder what makes people create things like these.  What would compel you to attach a jet engine from a fighter jet to a school bus?  Maybe an adrenaline junkie or something along those lines? Also curious how much it would cost to acquire an old jet engine and even where you would find that, since bet not a standard item at military surplus stores… But in the end gives us some amusing pictures to look at.

Paul Stender is one daredevil who challenges the limits with his extreme jet powered creations. Paul’s new creation is the jet-engine-equipped School Time Jet School Bus, which is slated to make presence at the Vectren Dayton Air Show.

Powered by General Electric J-79 jet engine straight out of a F4 Phantom fighter jet, the big yellow school bus, which is the largest jet vehicle, does excitingly fast 350mph. This 42,000 hp, 10-foot-high, 35-foot-long bus blasts a 75-foot flame out its exhaust.

via Jet-powered School Time Jet School Bus Sets An Eye On 350mph – Gizmo Watch.

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